How regular you are required to perform a SOC 2 Audit.


How regularly you are required to perform a SOC 2 Audit

Typically speaking (and whereas there’s no onerous and quick rule), SOC two reports are needed annually from service organizations as validation that their controls are designed and operating effectively. The once-a-year rule has been the agreement in this if you conduct your initial SOC two audit in year one, then or so twelve months later, a service organization should give one more report on the operative effectiveness of their controls. It’s a yearly method; as a result, users of a SOC two report (i.e., clients, prospects, etc.) can wish to achieve assurances of a service organization’s management atmosphere every year – at a minimum. You can chat with our experts for SOC Audit Compliance.

Things to understand regarding SOC 2 Reports

Initiate with a Scoping & Readiness Assessment. It’s necessary to perform the associate direct scoping exercise for decisive project scope, gaps that require to be corrected, third parties that reach to be enclosed within the audit, and far additional.

Remediating deficiencies in policies and procedures, security tools and solutions, and operational problems. Together, these three areas will take time – absolute confidence regarding it.

Documentation is critically necessary. After we talk about documentation, we’re talking about policies and procedures requiring it to be in situ. Suppose access management, information backup, incident response, modification management, and more. Does one have policies and procedures in situ for these areas – if not – you’ll have to be compelled to begin documenting them, and now.


Here’s a short list of knowledge security policies and procedures you’ll like for changing into – and staying – SOC two compliant:

1. Access management policies and procedures

2. Data retention and disposal policies and procedures

3 . Incident response policies and procedures

4. Change management policies and procedures

5. Contingency designing

6. Wireless Access

7. Usage policies

Security Tools and Solutions can have to be compelled to be no inheritable. The AICPA SOC framework is changing into additional technical of late, which means that various security tools and solutions are needed for SOC two compliance. Suppose File Integrity watching (FIM), Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Vulnerability scanning, information Loss hindrance (DLP), and additional. This needs associated investment in each time and cash that several service organizations need to be made aware of when they start the method.

Continuous watching of Controls is essential. There’s an idea known as “continuous monitoring” in situ, which means that somebody must take possession of assessing one’s internal controls on an everyday basis. If not, once the auditors re-appear for the annual SOC two audits, management deficiencies might have arisen – one thing you do not wish.

It’s the Annual associate method. Finished your initial SOC two audit – congratulations – however, detain mind that as a service organization, you’ll be expected to endure associate annual SOC two compliance assessment

The article what has enhanced your understanding of the SOC audit performance. Please reach out to us if you still have any queries or for any further information.

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